I had a lovely surprise a few months ago when the mail man delivered a parcel of 36 fat quarters, a beautiful gift from a dear friend. The fabric is ‘Flour Garden’ by Linzee Kull McCray for Moda Fabrics. I wanted to make something special. I worked out there was enough fabric to make 2 queen size quilts if I added a cream background fabric. One for me and one for my special friend. We will have matching quilts. Clark Street Quilts had designed the quilt ‘Canopy’ using these fabrics…..this worked perfectly with the fabric quantities I had.

After lots of cutting and sewing I have 72 twelve inch squares, 36 for each quilt.
I am now in the process of quilting the first quilt……the second quilt is still to have its 12 inch squares pieced together. I think that will be kept for a rainy day in the future.

The quilting is the fun part. I enjoy seeing the design being transformed into a soft, textured quilt.

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