More free motion quilting

I always find quilting a panel a good way to extend yourself and practice experimenting with different quilting designs. This large panel (measuring 56 X 74 inches) has lots of beautiful soft floral images. I outline quilted and added features like veins and stems in black thread, then quilted the background in a cream. I tried to extend the original design into the negative space and fill it with lots of patterns that ‘ghosted’ the leaves and extended the floral arrangement. As you can see it has added a lot more texture.

Afternoon Tea in Melbourne

It is nice to see another one of my projects published for others to make.

‘Afternoon Tea in Melbourne’ is a small table runner with matching coasters. The design was inspired by the mosaic tiled floor in the Block Arcade, Melbourne. The Victorian-era arcade features detailed mosaic-tiled floors, stained glass windows, a glass canopy and skylights, wrought iron fixtures and carved stone finishes. In this arcade is a well known spot for tea, coffee and cakes….The Hopetoun Tea Rooms.

The pattern and instructions for this project has just been published in the latest edition of Quilters Companion, issue 110.

Afternoon Tea in Melbourne