I love free motion quilting and have been awarded first place in professional categories for many of my quilts over the last 3 years. I was awarded excellence in domestic machine quilting at the Canberra quilters annual exhibit in 2018 with ‘Aunty Pearlie’s Supper Cloth’ and ‘Utsukushi Omoide’ was awarded Bernina Best of Show in 2019.


In this workshop we start from the basics and develop skills to improve fluency and confidence when creating designs to enhance your sewing and patchwork projects.

We look at :-

1. How to draw a simple feather design

2. Designing a feather to suit your quilt top

3. Transferring the designs onto the quilt

4. Machine quilting the feathers

5. Experimenting with more complex feathers and detailed designs.


In this workshop we look at the impact of choosing the correct needles, threads and tension and how to select a quilting design that will compliment and enhance your project.

We will cover stitching in the ditch, outline quilting, and lots of samples of background fillers from stippling, curves, loops and waves to creating a design to fit a defined area.

At the completion of the workshop you will have created a portfolio of quilting samples which become a simple go to reference for future ideas and inspiration.

This workshop can be customised for the beginner quilter or a more advanced content plan for those with more confidence and experience.

Mastering Free Motion Machine Quilting


From straight stitch to zig zag or blanket stitch…pick a style to suit your project.

Using your own machine to give an even stitch which enhances the appliqué and gives a lovely crisp edge to your appliqué shapes. We will look at using the correct feet, needles and threads to tension, stitch width and length.

Afternoon Tea in Melbourne


Experimenting and mastering how to create beautiful designs with your Inktense Pencils.

Instead of appliqué shapes use your drawing skills to colour the design with Inktense Pencils.

In this workshop we look at how to transfer the design onto fabric, outlining and colouring with Inktense Pencils, then how to free motion quilt your project to enhance the drawn design.

Below is an original design by Lyn, coloured with Inktense Pencils on a light cream cotton background.


I love needle turned appliqué. I use the freezer paper method. It is a technique that gives a crisp defined outline to all your shapes. Here are some examples of my quilts constructed using this technique.
In this workshop we will work on a small sample size, suitable for a cushion or table runner.

If you are interested in having a workshop where we can customise any of these techniques to suit your group, please contact me for further details.