Slowly growing, a little bit at a time….seed pods, gum nuts and gum blossoms

I am really enjoying my new project as it slowly takes shape.

The needle turn appliqué comes to life as each layer is added. I am using up all my scraps and left over pieces of Japanese yarn dyed fabric, and hoping that I have enough of the pinks in my stash of scraps to complete the blossom flowers……I bought them in Japan a few years ago.

The subtle colours all bounce off each other and bring the design to life.
On their own they look pale and a little insipid, together they blend perfectly and compliment each other. I am using silk thread in a colour that matches the fabric and a fine milliners needle for the appliqué. The colonial knots are made using Japanese Sashiko cotton. I am also happy with my choice of background fabric with its soft spot design.

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