Waratah in Full Bloom.

I recently tried experimenting with the Inktense Pencils on linen, using a fabric medium to minimise the bleeding.

The inspiration for the design came from a photo my husband took on one of his photographic outings, a group of Waratahs. It was a suitable beginning for this years AQC challenge, In Full Bloom.

Living on the South Coast of NSW our home is surrounded by native bush. In 2019 our region was ravaged by devastating bushfires, leaving a black and scarred landscape. Over the past 3 years we have watched it slowly regenerate and come back to life. The radiant Waratahs, in all their glory, showcase the beauty and colour found in nature. In full bloom they are a symbol of the vibrancy and resilience of our iconic Australian wildflowers.

I was thrilled the finished quilt ( 90cms x 90 cms) has made it through the first round of juried quilts. Fingers crossed that it progresses to the next stage.

5 thoughts on “Waratah in Full Bloom.”

  1. I absolutely love your work! I finished a quilt a few years ago using intense pencils. The medium i used was aloe vera. I hand embroidered around the design after I colored the design. I won ribbons at the local show.
    Your quilts are extraordinary.

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  2. Hello Lyn, I absolutely love your project and recently also purchased the magazine to read more about your work. I hope to start practising using various fabric and mediums to see how I go. I have a design that I’m working on. Thank you for sharing your talents. Julie.

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