Recording your Quilting Journey

We all have a way of keeping track of what we have created.

It is important to have a record of your work. I make note of any techniques used, design inspiration, what materials and threads, tension, stitch type and needle. This helps me know what has worked…and what has not.

I always take photos of my work being made, make notes and keep photos of workshops and quilting adventures ……retreats, magazines that have published my projects, guild shows, award ceremonies, valuation certificates., etc.

I decided to make a photo book which included all these items. This keeps everything recorded in one place PLUS it is a great coffee table book for the sewing room. To my surprise I now have a whole series………

We all make quilts for friends, family and charities. Once these quilts are gifted we loose track and sometimes forget we even made them. This is an excellent way of keeping a record of your creations.

It is not an arduous task if you record each project as you complete it. The book project sits on my computer. Photos and notes are added once I have finished each quilt. This also keeps a chronological order of my work. When the book reaches its page limit, I then order and send the files to the ‘photo book’ company. My books are hardcover, 100 pages, size 26cm X 33 cm. This size allows me to include some closeup photos of special details or quilting designs.

I hope this has inspired you to create a lovely way to showcase your work.

Recording your Quilting Journey

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